Phraze-It 1.0

Dynamic on-screen keyboard for simple finger-typing

Phraze-It® is a breakthrough on-screen keyboard application that enables comfortable finger-typing or thumbing text entry and editing on large, adult-sized touch screen buttons on your Windows Mobile™ Pocket PC™. The Phraze-It® soft keyboard significantly improves text entry and mobile productivity by enabling comfortable and efficient finger typing of a lot of text, and easy correcting and editing. A choice of eight keyboard layouts also offer mobile typing and one-handed or two-handed thumbing input to enhance the mobile user experience.

Phraze-It® mobile productivity software features:

  • Large buttons for adult-sized finger typing or thumbing on the screen of your PDA
  • Easy typing of lengthier text
  • Roomy text display area for reviewing and easy editing of text
  • Accurate and efficient one-handed or two-handed typing or thumbing
  • Also great for two-finger typists
  • Comfortable text entry on the go for popular applications
  • Easy to use, full function, typing multilingual keyboard
  • Very intuitive touch screen keyboards with a choice of 8 layouts
  • Computer keyboard functionality
  • Breakthrough in mobile handheld productivity

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Phraze-It 1.0

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